Ancient City of Aleppo

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Ancient City of Aleppo
old town, citadel
CountrySyria Demese
Located in the administrative territorial entityAleppo Demese
Coordinate location36°11′0″N 37°9′0″E Demese
Significant eventlist of World Heritage in Danger, 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquakes Demese
Heritage designationWorld Heritage Site Demese
World Heritage criteriaWorld Heritage selection criterion (iii), World Heritage selection criterion (iv) Demese

The Ancient City of Aleppo' de la tinsɛka n de lɔgekɛsi bigerɛ zi'an ti sa'ama kina kima bini bisera n boi Aleppo Syrian.

Historical timeline[demese | demesego zia]

Tɛmpileti:See also Throughout its history, Aleppo has been part of the following states:


Pre-history and pre-classical era[demese | demesego zia]

Ancient Aleppo
Hadad Temple Inside Aleppo Citadel

Viisɔgɔ Lɔgɛrɔ[demese | demesego zia]