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Namespaces[demesego zia]


You have done well with translations in translatewiki. Another necessary thing is translating namespaces. If you give them here, I'll do it for you.

See the explanations here:

  1. translatewiki:Translating:MediaWiki#Translating namespace names
  2. translatewiki:Translating:MediaWiki/Basic glossary

Simply reply to this message with the translations, or fill the following table. I have put some guesses that I found in the current translations, but I'm really not sure that they are correct. Please delete the wrong ones and write the correct things.

English name French name Dagbani name Frafra translations
Media Média Miidiya Miidiya
Special Spécial Diŋ'gahim Zure
Talk Discussion Yɛltɔɣa Tɔgum
User Utilisateur Ŋun su Tuntuna
User talk Discussion utilisateur Ŋun su yɛltɔɣa Tuntuna tɔgum
Wikipedia talk Discussion Wikipedia Wikipedia yɛltɔɣa Wikipiidiya tɔgum
File Fichier Lahabali kɔligu Faali
File talk Discussion fichier Lahabali kɔligu yɛltɔɣa Faali tɔgum
MediaWiki MediaWiki MiidiyaWiki MiidiyaWiki
MediaWiki talk Discussion MediaWiki MiidiyaWiki yɛltɔɣa MiidiyaWiki tɔgum
Template Modèle Tɛmplet Tɛmpileti
Template talk Discussion modèle Tɛmplet yɛltɔɣa Tɛmpileti tɔgum
Help Aide Sɔŋsim Suŋerɛ
Help talk Discussion aide Sɔŋsim Suŋerɛ tɔgum
Category Catégorie Pubu Buuri buuri
Category talk Discussion catégorie Pubu yɛltɔɣa Buuri buuri tɔgum

Thanks! --Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 22:20, 4 January 2023 (UTC)

Hi @Amire80, Thank you for your patience, they are all updated now Dnshitobu (talk) 14:33, 8 January 2023 (UTC)
Thank you!
A few questions:
Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 14:57, 8 January 2023 (UTC)
@Amire80 Thank you for the continuous support. We have update all the words Dnshitobu (talk) 05:51, 13 January 2023 (UTC)
Thank you! Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 09:03, 27 January 2023 (UTC)

Enabling Section Translation: a new mobile translation experience[demesego zia]

Hello Farefare Wikipedians!

Apologies as this message is not in your language, Please help translate to your language.

The WMF Language team is pleased to let you know about our plans to enable the Section translation tool in Farefare Wikipedia. For this, our team would want you to read about the tool and test it so you can:

  • Give us your feedback
  • Ask us questions
  • Tell us how to improve it.

Below is background information about Section translation, why we have chosen your community, and how to test it.

Background information

Content Translation has been a successful tool for editors to create content in their language. More than one million articles have been created across all languages since the tool was released in 2015. The Wikimedia Foundation Language team has improved the translation experience further with the Section Translation. The WMF Language team enabled the early version of the tool in February 2021 in Bengali Wikipedia. Through their feedback, the tool was improved and ready for your community to test and provide feedback to make it better.

Section Translation extends the capabilities of Content Translation to support mobile devices. On mobile, the tool will:

  • Guide you to translate one section at a time in order to expand existing articles or create new ones.
  • Make it easy to transfer knowledge across languages anytime from your mobile device.

Farefare Wikipedia seems an ideal candidate to enjoy this new tool since it has a Content Translation tool enabled by default.

We plan to enable the tool by 15th of February 2024, if there are no objections from your community. After it is enabled, we’ll monitor the content created with the tool and process all the feedback. In any case, feel free to raise any concerns or questions you may already have in any of the following formats:

  • As a reply to this message

Try the tool

Before the enablement, you can try the current implementation of the tool in our testing instance. Once it is enabled on Farefare Wikipedia, you’ll have access to https://gur.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:ContentTranslation with your mobile device. You can select an article to translate, and machine translation will be provided as a starting point for editors to improve.

Provide feedback

Please provide feedback about Section translation in any of the formats you are most comfortable with. We want to hear about your impressions on:

  • The tool
  • What you think about our plans to enable it
  • Your ideas for improving the tool.

Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback.

UOzurumba (WMF) (tɔgɛ) 05:05, 31 Ko'oro 2024 (UTC) On behalf of the WMF Language team.[reply]